Christine O'Hara - Candidate for Benson City Council

Political Organization


For 8 years, I have lived in Southern Arizona. During that time, I chose to build a life with my husband John Patrick and my two dogs, Parker and Whisky in Benson, AZ, where I fell in love with its small-town charm. Currently, I am a visual artist and a collector of antiques and vintage cloths. I own an online business called Groovy Garments Boutique and Designs. I am a military spouse who is dedicated to the needs of the military ensuring that their service will be never be forgotten. I have volunteered with the United Services Organization (USO) and support the Wounded Warrior Project. In 2004, I retired from SunGard Data Systems as a business executive. In my time working for SunGard Data Systems, I worked with Top Fortune 500 companies designing and implementing disaster recovery programs. Aside from my retirement from SunGard, I have worked with several people to develop business plans, apply for grants and assist in small business development. I love our town and I want to make sure it continues to be a special community for kids, families and senior citizens. However, I am concerned about the direction of our town. Local government spending is increasing, taxes are rising — and outside political factions are influencing our City Council. I’m asking for your support in the August 28th Primary Election because I know I can do the job that you want done.

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